Microsoft announces a new update for its Windows 10

Microsoft announces a new update for its Windows 10

Microsoft announces a new update for its Windows 10

Microsoft got best reactions from the users when they announced an update few months back in May 2019. Now users are looking for some new update. In May month Microsoft introduced the version 1903 for every Microsoft operator according to their need. Now surprise once again for every Microsoft operator they present one more update in front of you and that is for Windows 10 and it is called as November 2019 update. Basically, Microsoft was not happy with the reaction what they got about the performance of Windows10 earlier. 

Update for performance of Window10, see what Microsoft shared

Many such issues and even about the quality, users do not liked at that time. Finally, Microsoft presents a new update and we are sure that you will like the update according to previous experience. One gist of the topic we want to highlight and that is- the version 1903 update on May and this new November 2019 update version 1909, both share similar servicing content. Here you can assume that both the version presented by the Microsoft shares a similar cumulative update package. Let me share some more information regarding this new Microsoft update.

Interested to know about this new version called November 2019 version 1909? Now the File Explorer’s Search Bar will be able to search now on OneDriver account online. In fact, you can watch out that voice assistant and other Cortana can now able to run on the Window10 lock screen. We have something special update for you now and this time it is for new Calendar as you can add the entries simply from the taskbar now. With this, you can check that the Company Microsoft has brought a new notification management option for its users on Window10.

Microsoft shared something on their blog post, interested to know!

Microsoft shared that “For customers who were given the option to install 19H2, an enablement package is downloaded from Windows update that turns on the November 2019update features. This changes the build number from the OS from Build 18362 to Build 18363. Because they use the same servicing content, the build revision number will always match between May 2019 update and November 2019 update. Today, customers on the May 2019 update have Build 18362.418 but Windows insiders on the November 2019 update have Build 18363.418.” 

Do you want this November 2019 update version on your PC?

Most of you created interest after knowing about the Microsoft’s statement and the features of the new version as you read out the above paragraphs. Now, most of you feel confused about the downloading process but don’t worry we will share step-by-step guidance on what to do from first to last.

  • First step is go to Settings then click on Update and Security>Window Insider Program and last click on ‘Get Started’ button
  • On the next step, you need to link your Microsoft account that email account where you register for Windows Insider Program
  • For the new update, choose ‘Just fixes, apps and driver’ if you want to join Release Preview Ring for November 2019 update
  • The fourth one is, it may ask you to Confirm or Cancel the legal stuff so folks, click on ‘Confirm’. 
  • Now you will see two options- ‘Restart Now’ and ‘Restart Later’. Your need to click on Restart Now because for the new update, restart is must.
  • After completing the above steps, now you need to check ‘Window Insider Program Settings’ and for that go to Setting>Update and Security>Window Insider program. Now watch the heading which says “What pace you want to get the new builds” so check it shows “Release Preview”
  • Go to Settings first then Update Security and then Window Update, press on ‘Check for Updates’ button and then you can see your PC review November 2019. 

Final words

We can say Microsoft Company is learning from Apple and tech giant Google how to win the heart of users and hear what they need. Users of Microsoft always require special kind of feature and this time they got that from this new November 2019 update.

We already shared the features of this new version. Also shared the process of download and getting this update November 2019. Read out and operate this special update now on your PC.

We will be back with another article till then get in touch with us and keep reading.