Google's Fast Share App

Is Google’s ‘Fast Share’ an answer to iPhone’s Airdrop?

Google's 'Fast Share' App

Hi folks! What if I tell you that now you can transfer your files, images and videos seamlessly from your android device to other android devices like smartphones, smart watches, chrome devices, etc.? Yes, you read it right; now with Google’s efforts you will soon be getting an app to do so. As we all know Apple and Google are rivals since the launch of iPhones. Apple has provided its users a facility of sharing heavy files, images, etc. without the use of internet through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi facility. Android users are still using NFC based Android beam options and third party apps like Share it to transfer files.

Now Google has decided to solve this and it is inventing a new feature called “ Fast Share” for AndroidQ. Now you might be thinking what about the other users? Don’t worry they can avail the benefits by downloading the app from the play store. Before fast share, techies were assuming FilesGo feature of Google as an alternative of Airdrop for Android users.

An Overview of iPhone’s Airdrop

It is utility software launched in 2011 for sharing files across Apple devices. It is baked into the operating systems of ios and MacOS. You can transfer anything to one ios device or mac device from another device by using this facility. To give an example, let’s say you want to send your friend a website about motivational quotes, now with the help of Airdrop facility you can send that website from your iPhone to your friend’s iPad and she can save it to use later. Airdrop has made sharing easy for iPhone users.

It uses Bluetooth to create Wi-Fi network between the devices. Each device creates a security wall through which files are sent with encryption to other devices. Hence, this is good for safety viewpoint as well.

To use this facility, turn on Airdrop by tapping the upper left box having airplane buttons. It will give you the option of turning on, off or contacts only. Contacts only, are the default settings of Airdrop. It means that people who are in our contact list are only authorized to send the Airdrop request.

To send something via Airdrop both devices must have Airdrop facility and must be set to contacts only or everyone. After that open what you want to share. It can be anything like photos, websites, videos, locations, doc file, notes or anything on your iPhone. Tap on share and it will give options for Airdrop, imessage, Facebook,etc. Click on the Airdrop option, locate the device. Your files will be sent to the receiving iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Mac with options of “Accept” or “Decline.”

This was the process of using the Airdrop facility of iPhone. This facility is available on Mac OS 2012, iPad mini, iPod touch 5, iPad 4 or later and iPhone 5 and later versions.

Android Users are using Android Beam till now.

A vast number of android users use Beam to transfer files from one device to another. It is based on NFC. NFC stands for Near-Field Communication. This enables communication between nearby devices. It requires one transmitting device as well as one receiving device. This technology is used to beam files and documents from one android phone to another.

All Android devices having Android version 4.0 or later are android beam enabled but our phones should be hardware compatible as well. To transfer files using Android Beam, you must ensure that NFC support is there on your device else it will not work. If this feature is there on your phone, you will see a slider button to turn on and off this feature, just like you have options for hotspot, mobile tethering and data etc.

After you have checked for NFC support and it is enabled on both the sharing and receiving device, we will now move ahead towards sharing the file. Now to transfer files put both phones back to back. Make sure that the mobile which will receive the files is shown on your device. Confirm that the document you want to share is on screen, after that tap on “ Touch to Beam” and file will be transferred with the use of Bluetooth and NFC.

Apart from Android Beam Android users are using third party app like Shareit, Xender etc.

Now Google’s Fast Share is the rival of Airdrop.

Android and ios both have cut-throat competition among each other to provide new services to its customers and further enlarge its consumer base. To make Android users delighted and make file sharing a seamless experience, google is working on a new service known as Fast Share. It is being said that it is inspired by Airdrop of iPhone. At this stage, we cannot say whether it is true or not, let us have peak through on the features of this new service of the tech giant.

It is being said that with the advent of fast share you will be able to share and transfer things across devices like chromebook, android phones and watches.

How Fast Share works?

  • Sending files

Fast share icon will available on the screen where all the options for sharing are available. It is in blue-diamond shape. To send any file to another device all you have to do is enter the “Device name” and click on “ Turn On”. You will need to turn on the bluetooth and location as well. Distance of receiving device must not be very far. When you bring two devices close, it will be available in the nearby option screen. You have to select a device from nearby devices screen. After that you will see a lighter shade circle which will turn darker, when the file transfer is completed.

  • Receiving files

If you want to receive files from a person through fast share, all you have to do is tap on the “Accept” button, which appears in the prompt when someone tries to send you a file through this facility. You can instantly check the received documents from the notifications.

Fast Share gives you the facility of Preferred Visibility for security purposes.

Right now, this feature has been tested with Android Q, and on Pixel 3 XL devices. But this will be available on all Android devices and can be downloaded from Google Play. We cannot say when this new feature will be launched, may be with Android Q but this is very good step of Google for making file sharing a happy experience for its users.

Above we mention about the Apple’s Airdrop and Google’s Fast Share both. Now You can understand how Google Fast Share is competing with iPhone’s Airdrop? This launch will definitely hit in the market of Android.

Though we still don’t know when Google is going to launch this service. Whenever this feature will launch it will be a boon for Android users. We will be back with another interesting write up, for more updates till then get in touch with us, keep reading.