Android And IOS
IOS and Android

Before knowing the similarities and differences between IOS and Android, we must know what is IOS and what is Android? So let me give you a brief of both after that you can understand well.

What is Android?

It is an operating system developed and owned by Google. It is used in smartphones, eBook reader, PCs and laptops. Android is mainly designed for touch screen. The language used in Android is Java, C, C++, XML, Python, Shell, Go, Assembly Language and many more. It was launched on 23 September 2008 in California. It has 4 founders and the names are Rich Miner, Andy Rubin, Chris White and Nick Sears.  

What is IOS?

It is also an operating system, owned and developed by Apple Inc. It is used in iPhones, iPods touch and iPad. Apple has the limited device which used IOS. It is the second most popular operating System after Android. The languages used to write IOS is C, C++, Swift and Objective-C. It was launched on 29 june2007. An American entrepreneur Steve Jobs Founded the IOS.

Similarities between IOS and Android

Android and IOS both are operating system used in different devices but they do have some similarities. Now here we will discuss about the similarities of IOS and Android:

  • IOS and Android, both are operating systems, on which compatible devices run.
  • Both are used in smartphones.
  • Basic functions of both are almost same. Like both have calling, messaging, global positioning services.
  • Apps like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Google duo, Skype, Google drive, one note, drop box, Feedly, twitter and Pinterest, etc. work on both platforms.

Differences between Android and IOS

We all know we can’t use Android in IOS device and IOS in Android devices. Both are different operating systems used in different devices. After similarities we will discuss here the certain differences which are listed below:

  • IOS is closed source platform while Android is an open source platform.
  • IOS devices have Siri as its virtual voice assistant while Android has Cortana, Bixby, Google assistant, and Robin as virtual assistants.
  • IOS structure has 4 layers namely – Core OS, Core Services, Media and Cocoa touch layer while Android also have 4 layers as Linux kernel layer which consists of Display driver, camera driver, audio driver, keypad driver, etc., next layer is native library layer, application framework layer and application layer.
  • IOS is based on OSX and UNIX while Android is based on modified version of linux kernel.
  • IOS interface cannot be customized unless jail broken while Android interface and design elements can be customized.
  • There are no widgets in IOS except in the notification center while Android has widgets.
  • IOS is written in Swift, Xcode and Objective C while android is written in JAVA and Kotlin.
  • Latest version of IOS is 12.3.2 for iPhone 8, 12.3.1 for iPhone 5 while latest version of android is pie9. It has updated features like adaptive battery, adaptive brightness, app actions when you use your headphones, slices – it brings relevant part of your favorite apps, app timers, sound delay reporting, HDR, etc.
  • It is the brainchild of Apple Inc while android is the brainchild of Google Inc.
  • IOS apps are downloaded from App store while android apps are downloaded from Google play.
  • Apps like face time, Sky guide AR and Tweetbot can be used on IOS platform while they are not available for Android users.
  • IOS is used in iPhones while Android is used on all other smartphones including Pixel by Google.
  • IOS developer has to membership of apple developer; fee is USD99 while android developer has to pay a fee USD 25 for membership of android developer group.


On the basis of points mentioned above we can say that Android and IOS are similar in many aspects yet they are different from each other. Both of them have a different user base. Reach of android is far more than IOS because android devices are available at affordable prices and it can be used in unlimited no of devices whereas IOS is costly and only Apple’s device can use IOS. Get in touch with us more updates and another interesting articles.