Ok Google

OK Google! We all are familiar with this line which appear on Google when we search through our voice. With the help of Google Assistant, our searching work gets easier as we no need to type long sentences any more. In case if you don’t know then Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant tool which is available on our devices like mobile, laptop, and computer. Till now any one can use this feature but guys do you know Google has launched something for kids in its Google Assistant?

If you still aren’t aware of this then you’re at the right place. This blog will explain everything about what Google launched for kids in its Google Assistant tool.

So let’s make a start.

Google launches new assistant feature “My StoryTime” for kids

Recently Google has launched a new feature called “My StoryTime” in Google Assistant primarily for kids. This feature lets user record stories and makes them accessible on devices that include Nest Mini, Nest Hub as well as Hub Max. 

Basically, Google purpose behind the launch of this feature is to let parents record themselves reading chapters of stories and then the child can ask Google Nest device to play those recording aloud. The ‘My StoryTime’ feature is particularly designed to recreate the experience of parents reading to a child even when separated by long distances. That’s why this new feature of Google Assistant is helpful for parents who travel for work or can’t be there for kids at story time.

According to Google Canada research in October 2019, “68% of mothers and 45% of fathers say they participate in their young child’s bedtime routine nightly”, so those who can’t control whether they’re home or not, Google says this is why My Storytime is here to enable playback of pre-recorded stories.

Let’s know the person who inspired Google to launch this feature

According to research, My Storytime feature was inspired by Jennifer Oliver, a spouse in an active military family in the United States. She is the one who propelled the idea on internet message board alongside her daughters.

In a blog post Olivia wrote, “You can visit MyStorytime.com to create a private account for your family and begin building your library of recorded stories. And once shared with the parent back home, all they have to say is “Hey Google, talk to My Storytime” to hear your personal stories,”

Users can easily record stories via microphone directly from the official website, or can upload MP3 audio files with a tool within the My Storytime dashboard. Further Olivia adds, “Nothing can replace Daddy being home, but hopefully My Storytime will help make it just a little bit easier to get through the next deployment and that it brings some comfort to other families as well,” 

How you can enable ‘My Storytime’ feature on Google Assistant?

Parents can easily use this feature by log in with their Google account over MyStorytime.com. However, you can also ask Google Assistant on a smart speaker to help create one for you. So before moving ahead, you’re required to enable personal results within Google Home app in your device.

For iOS users, you need to launch Google Home app first, after this tap on setting icon and under the section ‘More’ turn on personal results. Next, ask Google Assistant “Hey Google, Talk to My Storytime”, and then Google Assistant will create an account for you for that you need to share your name , email, and profile picture.

After this, you’re ready to use your device’s microphone to make 10 recordings, such as greetings and responses for your child or loved one to hear. Then you will be asked thing like “which story would you like to hear” and other verbal commands for Google Assistant to say your child.

Next, you can write down the title and author of the story and start recording yourself reading the entire book or chapter. After you’re done with the recording, your child can ask Google Assistant, “Hey Google, talk to my storytime” after choosing the story, Google finally plays the audio.

Final words!

Google Assistant’s new feature “My Storytime” is especially launched for those parents who live far from their children such as working parents who are separated by distance, military posting, and parents who don’t get to spend much time with their children, and parents who can’t be there for their children at bedtime routines.  So this feature is something worth to try. It might take some time to set up but it would be a pretty awesome surprise for a child to try when you’re away.

Make your child’s StoryTime more interesting with this new feature of Google Assistant. Try this to give surprise to your children. For more interesting articles get in touch with us, till then keep reading and keep sharing with other parents.