"Google Stadia"

Google officially announced to launch “Stadia” in 19th November

Google officially announced to launch "Stadia"

Apple lovers are happy with the introduction of the “Apple Arcade” gaming service as it was already launched last month. Now, most of you can say Google copy the concept of Apple and it’s because if you attended the event of Pixel4, here Google introduced “Google Stadia” for their users. It is cloud based gaming subscription service. Finally, Google understands the importance of cloud gaming service or what the users like so they are happy to announce that soon ‘Google Stadia’ will be launched. The best part is they also have shared the date and that is 19th November 2019 and also said it will support the Pixel4 smartphone which they recently launched at the event. 

Where it will launch and how much cost you have to pay? 

We are for sure that you are reading this blog and get excited to know about this Google Stadia for the gaming purpose. Now the question is where will Google Stadia going to use? At the event, we get to know countries like the US, UK, Canada and Europe are going to enjoy this Stadia service from the next month and already we shared the date above when it will going to launch. 

Experts told about the Stadia that it is going to be faster and more responsive one then next-generation console. So, you can all make use of this game service but what about the cost? How much you have to pay for it folks? Report said that you need to pay for Stadia $9.99 per month subscription service where you can watch out a library with full of games. If you purchase the subscription then some kind of exclusive discounts are there too so make sure to get those. 

In fact, while launching the Stadia, they believe that the future of Video games is a brighter one. What do you think who will gain most popularity now Apple Arcade of Google Stadia? Some other special details we have so let me share something more about Google Stadia that is ready to launch soon to excite the market. 

"Google Stadia"

Where you can play the game and what internet speed require for this

This new Google Stadia is ready to gain good popularity after the announcement. Furthermore, they shared about the supported device so feel relief to play Stadia. You play your games here on mobile phones, Smart TV, budget laptop or any other special devices.

Make sure your device is connected with the internet. Newly launched Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL will also support “Stadia”. You can operate the Stadia on your Pixel3 and Pixel3a so don’t think these smartphones can’t support Stadia gaming service. Google too hoping that there new Google Stadia should support the coming PS5 and Xbox Scarlett. Now the gist of this topic about the internet speed so have a look

  • If you want to enjoy 4K resolution with 60 Frames per second, HDR 5.1 surround sound then the speed you require is 35MBps
  • At 20MBps you can enjoy 1080p, 60fps, HDR, 5.1 surround sound
  • To play Google Stadia you require minimum 10MBps internet speed for 720p, 60fps, stereo sound

You can check your device whether it is supporting for required internet speed or not on Google’s Speedsite.

Unique games which are under the ‘Google Stadia

Ask from the gamers, they already search for the games that they can play under the Google Stadia gaming service. We can share some list of special kind of games that are unknown for you so let’s have a look

  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 
  • Attack on Titan Final Battle
  • Borderlands 3
  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Destiny 2
  • Doom
  • The Division 2 
  • Marvel’s Avenger

There are many which can keep your interest alive whenever you play. The best part of Google Stadia is it always makes sure to connect the gamers and creators. One feature you gonna see and that is ‘Crowd Play’ where you will be able to click a button right on a YouTube stream and after that, you start playing with that broadcaster.

Wrapping up

Competition can be tough for both Apple and Google now because after Apple Arcade, ‘Google Stadia’ too in the opposition for the gaming service. Well, the kind of service and games and even the cost matter the most for the users. One month is left so you can expect that some extra-advanced feature can introduce before launching on 19th November 2019.

To experience the ‘Google Stadia’ you will need to purchase Stadia Founder’s edition at $129. It is only available on pre booking, just go for it and best of luck for the success.

We always keep you updated and try to continue it our effort. We will be back with another updates of ‘Google Stadia’. Till then keep reading and get in touch with us.