Gmail Dark Mode
Gmail Dark Mode

Before writing anything about Gmail Dark Mode let me introduce first about the Dark Mode. You all heard about the dark mode in IOS but now Gmail also introduces this feature. Dark mode is a feature in which the background changes to black or gray and text color changes to white throughout the screen.

IOS dark mode

In its annual conference WWDC, Apple has announced the introduction of dark theme in its devices.

Google has also announced dark mode in Android Q. After testing dark mode will be available in all devices. It will facilitate dark mode by providing a toggle, which will turn the dark mode on throughout the phone with just a click.

Dark mode on other Google apps

Recently Google has facilitated dark mode in Google calendar, Google Keep, Google Drive, Google Chrome, Google Calculator, Google Discover feed, Google Help center web, Google Play Games, Google contacts, Youtube Dark, Android messages dark, Google keyboard Dark, Google news dark, and Google Maps.

Others apps with dark mode or night mode

Accu weather, Twitter, Amazon Kindle App, facebook messenger, Medium, Reddit, Slack, telegram, twitch, Whatsapp, Wikipedia app, Firefox, Samsung internet browser, pulse SMS, Feedly, Instapaper, Materialistic, Jotter pad, Monospace, Quick edit text editor are few of the many apps which have dark mode enabled.

Gmail Dark Mode

Yes, you read it right. These days there is a lot of buzz that Gmail is now available in dark mode. Yes it is available in dark mode but only in its apk files. Google is testing this feature on its beta version. It is available for download in apk for developers and for those who want to taste the technology in its early phase. If the beta version will be successful, we can expect it to be launched for everyone.

Dark mode is only visible in settings. It is not available in main window or side bar. In this version black text is there on gray background. Settings title is not there in the app bar. Main titles are attributed a dark gray shade. Title descriptions are a bit brighter. Check box is dark blue in color. Overflow menu of the app is same. While Google has to still theme the main inbox and account switcher. Dark mode in Gmail is almost the same as it is in Google Keep which was launched in last month.

After launching of dark mode some users are happy to use and some others find it difficult to use. Now we will discuss here some positive and some negative points of dark mode. So be ready,

Benefits of dark mode

The benefits of dark mode are mentioned below:

  • It will consume less battery power.
  • Blue light emission will be low; it will not disrupt sleep cycles.
  • Due to the dark background, glare will be less, which will result in less eye fatigue.
  • It will not trigger phobia.

Disadvantages of dark mode

There are certain disadvantages of dark mode which are as follows:

  • Text written on dark backgrounds is sometimes not visible.
  • If a person sitting in a room with proper lighting, dark mode will be of no use.
  • Long paragraphs are more difficult to read in dark mode.

Both dark mode and white mode has its own pros and cons. This is just an option available to the users, if they want to switch they can. We will be back with next write up. Till then get in touch with us.