“FogCam” the world’s largest running webcam

“FogCam” the world’s largest running webcam is going to shut down

“FogCam” the world’s largest running webcam

From heading you get to know that “FogCam” will no longer be active. Their creator Jeff Schwartz and DanWong announced on social media. When a piece of technology or you can say anything you have from a long period of time and suddenly it is going away from you, how pain you feel, this is understandable. Here I am talking about the Fog Cam which is developed by the two students of San Francisco State University. Their name is Jeff Schwartz and Dan Wong who are known for launching webcam 25 years ago. Unfortunately this service is going to shut down. Let’s try to understand the reason.

What both developers said about the shutdown of FogCam?

Webdog and Danno are famous as the creator of oldest webcam which is known as “FogCam”. Both are too popular at that time just because of their invention. They continuously started posting photos on internet taken by webcam. They placed their webcam on campus building roof, pointing it towards the road. Unfortunately, their special work will end last of this month due to lack of university support. Let me tell you what they said “We felt it was time to let it go. The bottom line is that we no longer have a really good view or place to put the camera. The university tolerates us but they don’t really endorse us and so we have to find secure locations on our own”. According to Webdog, he was engaged by first-ever live webcam and that is Trojan Room Coffee Pot Cam predates the internet. Due to some reasons, it was shut down a few years back. The cam was streamed only on the local network before making its way to the web.

Final Goodbye to world’s largest running webcam.

I will tell you what happens as if you have good knowledge related to the best webcam of the world which is also the largest running webcam name “FogCam” shut down now. They both put up a webcam 25 years ago in 1994. They don’t expect that the time will come to shut down this webcam forever. By the end of this month “FogCam” will be discontinued. Let me tell you the final date is August 30, 2019. Only after few days we will say final goodbye to the world’s largest running webcam. Now this will be the part of history. Both these two who put up the “FogCam” for us said that the website will stay alive every time and always active for those who want to know some review.  

How Idea generated about the “FogCam”?

Idea came up about the live stream when they both were taking classes of computer science. They got to know the proper concept and learnt some scripting. At that time Webdog already ran another webcam. With the help of this webcam from his apartment he keeps an eye on his pets and also attended his classes easily at the same time. Due to this they understand their ability and introduce “FogCam” in 1994. They were happy with their success. Their “FogCam” will always remain in history. If they reveal more info about the “FogCam” then we will update you on same. Till then get in touch with us.