Mobile cover like human skin to take the touch tech

If you have read out our previous blog regarding the artificial skin on Humanoid robot then we are sure that you understand completely about artificial skin. Now the experts are looking to show something extra-ordinary for you but this time it’s not on the robot. Researchers said that they are focusing on developing a new interface that allows phones, wearable and even computers where it makes you feel sensations. The best part is such interface can be used for your tickling, caressing, twisting and even you can pinch it the same as human skin does. Sounds weird but interesting.

Researchers created a sensational Mobile Wearables.

You need to congratulate the researchers who are showing their whole efforts as they understand the position of new technologies these days. They have created a phone case, computer touch pad and smart watch too. This is just to demonstrate how touch gestures on the Skin-on interface can transfer expressive messages for computer-mediated communication with humans and also to virtual characters. If you want to do tickling then you can as the skin can generate laughing emoji on a phone and suppose if you tap it then it can create a surprising emoji.

Marc Teyssier, Lead author of Telecomm Paris Tech said, “One of the main use of smartphones is mediated communication, using text, voice, video or a combination. We implemented a messaging application where users can express rich tactile emotions on the artificial skin. The intensity of the touch controls the size of the emojis. A strong grip conveys anger while tickling the skin displays a laughing emoji and tapping creates a surprised emoji.” Now we have some good news to share that this concept is going to be presented at 32nd ACM User Interface Software and Technology Symposium and it is going to be held in New Orleans in the United States. 

What the researchers have adopted for this technique?

We researched and we get to know that the researchers of this work have adopted a bio-driven approach and this approach is for developing multi-layer, silicone membrane. Report said that this all made up of surface textured layer which is just an electrode layer of conductive threads and a hypodermis layer.

The interface is also a natural one and also it can detect a plethora of gestures. So, this way the artificial skin enables the devices to feel the user’s grasp like its pressure and location and even it is ready to detect the interaction like for tickling or punching.

We can even share a statement of a professor who supervised this research and he is Professor Anne Roudaut where he said, “This is the first time we have the opportunity to add skin to our interactive devices. The idea is perhaps a bit surprising, but the skin is an interface we are highly familiar with so why not use it and its richness with the devices we use every day?” 

Sum it up

From the past few days, you only know the artificial skin just for a robotic concept like we explained to you in our previous blog about the H-1 robot. Now researchers have done something by presenting the augmented device and yes it is going to be present. We have shared the venue above and the date of the event is 20-23 October 2019. Hurry up and visit there as we expected more devices and new technology can be introduced there.

This is all about latest technology which is will be introduced soon. Till then get in touch with us for more updates.