‘Dtrack Malware’

‘Dtrack Malware’ is still active and being used in cyber-attacks

‘Dtrack Malware’ is still active and being used in cyber-attacks

Disappointment! Yes, we are. Again hackers are in the main headlines because of their corrupt work using malicious software. We don’t understand how they came, how they plan the strategies to steal user’s data or how they finish every task simply.  Nobody shared any kind of solution to stay safe from these hacking. Right now we are going to share what the current matter is.  Thanks to a Russian-based cyber-security firm called Kaspersky.

The firm Kaspersky is the one who always stays alert and gives a topmost solution. So try not to ignore their blogs or anything. Kaspersky revealed that ‘Dtrack Malware’ is still active. This malware has been detected in the financial institution. Let me share some more information which is significant for you to know properly. Have a look

Where Dtrack malware found?

Okay if you are still confused about the Dtrack then we are ready to share something about this so that you get an idea what it is. Dtrack malware is a spy tool which is finally found in Indian Financial Institution and Research Centers last year in 2018. Right now the situation is the tool has been found again on Indian states where we get to know that Maharashtra has maximum samples of Dtrack that is 24%. The next two were Karnataka and Telangana (18.5% and 12%). Even the firm called Kaspersky also highlighted other Indian states like West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Delhi and also Kerala. The tool is finally active again and still used in cyber-attacks.

Kaspersky shared, “Following further investigation using the Kaspersky Attribution Engine and other tools, the researchers found more than 180 new malware samples which had code sequence similarities with the ATMDtrack- but at the same time clearly were not aimed at ATMs. Instead their lists of functions defined them as spy tools- now known as Dtrack.” 

The firm Kaspersky already declared that the Dtrack tool can be sued as a Remote Admin Tool which simply gives the full control over the infected device. Kaspersky said, “Criminals can then perform different operations, such as uploading and downloading files and executing key processes.”

Saurabh Sharma shared, how to avoid being affected by malware?

Saurabh Sharma, Senior Security Researcher Global Research and Analysis Team said the firm already saw the number of local threats decreases in India from the last year. 

You need to agree with this that India is still considered in the top10 countries in the Kaspersky Cybermap Real-Time threat. He said, “This show India still needs to continue increase its cyber-security efforts, and the advanced persistent threat attack highlights the importance of investigating in threat landscape intelligence.” 

You need to stay away or to avoid being affected from a process like Dtrack RAT, so the firm has shared a solution to tighten the network and password policies too. Kaspersky also wants to conduct regular security training sessions for the staff even they said to use a traffic monitoring system such as the Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform and also to use an anti-virus solution. 

Russian based firm; Kaspersky said its deep intelligence and their security enterprise looking to constantly transforming into innovative security solution. This kind of service is much needed because it can protect businesses, critical infrastructure, and government and consumers globally. The firm knows what matter most to them as their services always fight for sophisticated and evolving digital threat. Even we get to know the firm Kaspersky saved around 400 million users of being affected with malware with the help of their technologies. 


That’s the reason we always like to Kaspersky. From 1997 Kaspersky keeps the users active related to malware or any hacking concept that can harm them. Right now the situation is too dangerous for the Indian users as we mentioned some states where they might face some kind of difficulty especially Maharashtra.

We need to appreciate Kaspersky that they step-forward to show the solution and they are giving their100% to stop this. This is all about the Dtrack Malware, we will update you if any information regarding this we get. Till then keep reading and get in touch with us for more updates.