Facebook launches new meme making app 'Whale'

Social media giant ‘Facebook’ always remains in news because of the updates it makes in the app, addition of new features, or some launch of new apps. If you are aware of the news then last month, Facebook announced the launch of ‘Thread’ which is a new messaging app for Instagram users. This is basically a camera-focused app which allows Instagram users to share their status or quickly send photos and videos to people they’ve added to their list of close friends.

Similarly, this time also guys, Facebook has something new to offer. I mean to say that Facebook is going to launch a new meme app called ‘Whale’. Interesting no! Are you curious to use this app? Before you head towards using or installing this new app of Facebook, make sure you read the entire article first because you will get every piece of information about this app in our blog. So let’s get started now.

Facebook launches new meme making app ‘Whale’, read in detail below

The social media giant Facebook has recently launched a new meme making app called ‘whale’. Folks, let me tell you that now the app is only available in Canadian App Store which means right now the app is only available in Canada. However, the app will come to other markets including India later, but when it will come in other markets; it’s not revealed yet or not updated any information.

How users can use this app? This app allows users to edit photos with text and stickers in order to create memes that can be shared on social media or forward to their contacts. Users can use this app by browsing through the stock library photos, click a photo in real-time or choose one from the camera roll. This Whale app also allows user to create their own meme using the crop and cut tools. You can also add text, emojis, and stickers, to the photo. After creating a meme, you can even save it to camera roll. Users can freely download this app because it is not in-app purchase.

Role of New Product Experimentation (NPE) team in developing the ‘Whale’ app

Furthermore, from the app listing it is confirmed that the app has been developed by Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE), which was set up earlier this year to develop new experimental apps for social networking platforms that have over 2.6 billion users globally.

Guys, earlier NPE developed two more apps which are music app ‘AUX’ (launched in August 9, 2019 in Canada, now has less than 500 downloads on iOS)  and chat app ‘Bump’ (launched in 2012), and now NEP team has created this new latest app ‘Whale’. According to Facebook, these apps are intended to help the company discover new features and services that people like.

These apps are proof that apart from launching just chatting apps, Facebook is slowly moving towards to launch new genres to woo or attract more users and open new avenue to make money. 

Facebook-owned Instagram has also launched something for its users, read below to know

After reading full article on Facebook new app ‘Whale’ now suddenly jumping onto the complete different topic within the same article might be strange for you, but somewhere I found this topic connected to Facebook. You know how? Facebook-owned Instagram too has launched a new video-music remix feature called “Reels” recently. According to the online information, the app copies the best features of TikTok and brings them to Instagram users. This feature is available both on Android as well as iOS. This new Instagram tool allows users to record 15-second short video.

As per the setting, you can adjust the speed, set a music clip in the background or use audio from other users. However, like Whale app this feature is only available in Brazil and any further information is not yet revealed. It is not confirmed when this feature will be available in rest of the countries. We are hoping to welcome this app in India soon.

Sum it up!

Facebook purpose of launching this meme app called ‘Whale’ is just to make meme creation simpler by wrapping together stock images and basic photos- editing tools. However, Facebook is an innovative company as every couple of month of the year it launches new apps or updates features in its existing apps. It only shows that Facebook is opening many new doors to earn in the market and also to retain the users.

Back to the whale app, as I told you that the app is currently available in Canada when it will come to other markets is not decided yet.

You need to wait until the app is launched globally or available in your device Play store. For more updates and interesting articles get in touch with us.