BBC is planning to launch "Beeb" like ‘Ok Google’

The trend of voice assistant is on rise. Today in my article I will introduce you with new voice assistance like “Ok Google”. You all are aware about Google Assistant, Siri, Google now, Cortana and many more. I am sure most of you are aware about it. Now there is one more name is going to add in list. Such type of service now applicable for some of the mobile applications as you have seen the Amazon Alexa. Now get ready to know about next voice assistance which will be launched by the famous news service BBC.

“Beeb” the voice assistance will be launched soon by BBC.

I am sure you all are aware about the news service BBC. It doesn’t need any introduction. The British Broadcasting Corporation is now ready to launch its voice assistant service with the name of “Beep” in their application. Very soon you can use this service. You all know after using voice assistance service the popularity of app has been increased. You all are aware about Alexa; this is the best example of popularity. Amazon is one of those famous apps which is using voice assistance service. BBC is also going to do the same. Sometimes new and interesting features become necessary to launch to retain millions of users. They are working on this to gain more and more popularity soon and their millions of users will definitely love this service. BBC reveals much information regarding this matter so I have written this article to inform you to get aware of all such services on which BBC is working.

When & how the service will be available for users?

  • It is good that the BBC shares something about their upcoming voice assistance service the “Beep”. The upcoming service will not packed with any hardware devices. Like Ok Google you can use this service in your devices like smart speakers smartphone, TVs and other devices .
  • Service will be named “Beep”. As you all can pronounce the word Beep is electrifying like BBC news service. Actually it’s good enough and suited the BBC most.
  • I know you all wanted to know about its launch date. As BBC shared that currently it is working on its project and will be launch in coming year. 

What problem BBC will face towards launching Voice assistance?

Now let’s talk about the voice assistant work of BBC going on. To develop the “Beeb” voice assistant they are working hard. Their workers in the United Kingdom were asked to send their own voice recording. This is helpful for the program to recognize and understand the different regional accents. Here everyone is talking about the BBC success on “Beep”. Can BBC got success on its ongoing process? This is neither so difficult and nor impossible. I asked this because what I saw BBC is facing their hard times. If we compare it with Google assistance, Apple’s Siri and Amazon Alexa they have already established what they are in this business. So, my point of view is if users already saw such service then why you think that they will leave the previous one and come directly to you.

Yes, if your service is the same but shows differently then I think 50% chances are there. In fact, Ben Wood, who is the analyst of London-based research firm called CSS Insight said that there are many such companies like Amazon and Baidu, who have invested for such kind of services.

Reaction of Ben Wood after knowing about BBC voice assistant “Beeb”

Ben Wood said after knowing about “Beeb” that “Typically Voice assistants use a multi-syllable word or phrase such as Alexa or ok Google to ensure accurate identification. I fear Beeb might end up being unreliable”. So what actual he feels that Beeb voice assistant couldn’t reach that access what Alexa or Hey Google got.

While getting reviews likes this BBC says they don’t have any problem with this word called Beeb They did lots of research and their point of view is Beeb voice assistant name is good one. With this, BBC also highlighted that they have not said Beeb is the final name, they can change it if they wanted. There is a lot of time to launch the BBC voice assistant. The Company said that they added Beeb to enable the value of public service and that will be protected in a voice-enabled in future. 


It’s a good news for all BBC app user’s that your app will soon launch a service of voice assistant. In my point of view it’s a good attempt and BBC should not care about the media views and marketing. They have to set their target according to their need and customer’s convenience. They announced that they will soon launch the service of Voice Assistance. I hope next year users will get to see what they never expected from   BBC. Hope for the best. This is all about “Beeb” and if we get any information regarding this then we will update you definitely. Get in touch with us for more updates. Till then keep reading and keep sharing.