Apps rae stealing data after denying permission

Apps are still stealing data after denying the permission

Apps are still stealing data after denying the permission

“Trust” is a word only matter when you operate any such business to gain popularity in the market. Why people choose your product? They believe in you and your company that you will never cheat on them and always show a good product for them. Well, in same like the app development work audiences trust the developer and their mobile applications and download it from their respective play stores. In return what they get, cheating and fake things. It’s true because these days some developers steal the personal information of the users with the help of a mobile application.

We are living in an era where such things can happen as people don’t think about others and check where they can earn some money; no matter how much others get disappointment. Let’s come to the point as here we are talking about the business of developers that they are trying to make such mobile application where can steal some information of audiences like bank details, contacts, SMS OPT and many more.

One more thing I am talking about the developers that are operating this business but it doesn’t mean every app developers are same. Some are good one who shows their effort and that is the reason that they are getting success. According to a report in every play store whether it’s Apple or Google, there are thousands of mobile applications are present who steal user’s information even if they deny the permission to access.

How the apps steal information when you accept permission?

We all operate many mobile applications from iOS and android so basically, we operate only those apps which are popular or which has topmost features. But some of the users don’t have awareness regarding this and they download any application from their play store. When you start using the app, it asks for permission of your contacts calls, SMS, gallery, locations and many others. Some of you allow them without reading properly. Even the app shows you two options allow and deny but still you allow all those. You all know the result after allowing them as if you are doing any activity from your mobile then they can reach there. Suppose you want to transfer some money and if any OPT message came then they get to know and that is the reason it can create huge loss to you. I am not saying that every app is indulge in it but there is still some worst mobile app are present in your app store and play store too.

After denying Hackers can steal information?

Now the question is can they steal your information from your mobile phone even if you deny the permission? Yes, they can and it’s not a big deal for them because there are thousands of mobile applications presents in Android that can track your location too if you deny the permission. We read out the statement of Federal Trade Commission’s PrivacyCon where they said that “there are more than thousands of mobile apps that can steal information from your phones even when you don’t accept the permission”.

Let me tell you one of the applications that is included in the list of stealing information after denying the permission to access. The name of the application is ‘Shutterfly’.  Most of you know about this app but let me tell you the app is worst for you because it can steal your data. The app is to edit photos that you wanted as the app gathers GPS to coordinates from the photos where the send the data to its personal server. Is it a bad application? Yes it is, because you can’t do such things by sharing the pictures of any user into the server. When you operate the application ‘Shutterfly’ the app wants to access location data and if you accept the permission then I think you all know what the result will be.

After this let me tell you about other application roles as what they do to create an issue for you. There are many such apps that are available in the play store that can read out your data via unprotected files from a device SD card and that way there are ready to stay in your mobile to steal information that requires. So in-short if you allow the app or deny the permission and they stored it in a folder of SD card then such fake and spying application have access to steal as much information as they needed.

With the research, we get to know that there are 13 more applications that do this job and yes such applications are installed more than 17 million times. I don’t think you should blame yourself because we don’t know about those applications and the developers that they can perform such kind of work. We trust the developers and we download those applications and in return, we have to face the hectic situations.

What those applications are that plays such roles?

The app likes Baidu’s Hong Kong Disneyland park app, which performs the role that we mentioned above. Also, you can include the applications which are popular when they launch as Samsung’s Health and browser application and also they are installed on 500 million devices. I think you get to know the role of such apps and if you still operate these apps in your device then I am sure that what you gonna do next.

Most of you are still confused or don’t know how to enable to disable the application permission one by one so let me share some steps that you have to follow.

  • If you are an Android user then what you have to do is go to Android phone’s setting app first.
  • Your next step is to tap on the Apps or Application Manager.
  • So you want to change the permission then select the application that you want to change by tapping permission.  
  • Now it’s your choice that you want to on the permission or off the permission.

Want to turn off your location setting?

  • Many of you want to know how to turn off the location setting so that no such hackers can enter in your mobile so your first step is to go to Setting app.
  • Then tap on the location and select Google location setting after that.
  • You want to turn off the location so slide the toggle switch off for the location reporting.
  • Even you are allowed to clear all your location history which is not so tough job.
  • Also, if you want to turn on the location process then toggle it on as it is up to you.

This is for you all what you have to do if you face any trouble from the applications as you can’t trust easily and don’t think the app is popular so the app is a good one. We agree that there are still some apps they never steal information but still need permission to access. Above steps are simple for you because if you want to turn off the location and don’t want any app to reach there you can do this.


Recently Google and iOS has restricted some apps after knowing all such situations. But you need to be careful before downloading and accessing any app. Users don’t know about developers, they have trust on their technology whatever they are using. Frequently they download apps from App store and Play store too. They don’t think who the developer is or what the background of the developer is. Before downloading, you all need to check the app sources. Some apps belong to third party. You need to check it properly, read the reviews, check the rating etc. before downloading any app.

Stay alert and think twice before downloading the application in your device. Always read the instruction before allow any apps. We will be back with another article till then keep reading and kindly get in touch with us.