E3 conferences

An overview of E3 conferences, the world’s biggest gaming convention.

Hi folks! Do you love gaming? Are you a big fan of computer games? Are you waiting for the new updates regarding XBox, elite squad and Bethesda or expecting some new games to be launched? Are you also waiting for the announcements made in E3? Do you also want to know what happened in the biggest electronic events? Well, I am a big fan of gaming and techs. If your answer to any of these questions is yes, this article is targeted at you. Plus this article is also for all those people who missed the live streaming of E3 conference. Here we will talk about Electronic Entertainment Expo.

E3 conferences

What is E3 Conference?

For all my readers who are not that big fan of gaming, E3 can be elaborated as Electronic Entertainment Expo. It is the largest platform on which every year all the gaming majors release the updates or new versions of their game. It is sort of a trade fair for gaming industries.

It was first organized in the year 1995. It is organized annually by the Entertainment Software Association at Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California. Till 2017, it was only for gaming industry professionals but in 2017, it was open for public. It is scheduled every year in june. People can watch the live streaming of conference on YouTube and Twitch. In 2020, it will be conducted from June9.

For appearing in this conference you have to register on the website www.e3expo.com. Then you have to collect your badge from the even site.

Participating Companies

More than 150 companies participated in the expo. NextLevel Racing, Youtube gaming, NVIDIA Corporation, Nintendo of America Inc., Nyko Technologies, Oculus, Perfect world games, Pega Limited, Pathea Games, Perfect Game Speed Company Limited, Philips Hue, Private Division, Rainbow Horse, Rayner Gaming, TECHLAND, THQ Nordic, Square Enix, Inc., Tripwire Interactive, Twitch, Ubisoft Entertainment SA, VPX Sports, XCEED games these are the names of few companies.

Now we will talk about two of my favourite gaming companies, Ubisoft and Square Enix.

What Ubisoft announces in E3 Conferences?

Ubisoft made big announcements at E3 convention. If you have missed that here I am to give you a recap, so stay tuned.

  • It has announced a gam based in post-brexit London, known Watch Dogs: Legion. You can recruit up to 20 people and save London from the vices of corruption, oppression and crime. It will be in markets from March, 2020. It will be available for Xbox One, PS4, PC, UPlay+ and Stadia.
  • Next update was regarding Gods & Monsters. You can play as the hero Feynx and fight against mythological monsters and save Greek Gods. It is developed by developers of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. It is inspired by Gods & Monsters story book.
  • Ghost Recon : Breakpoint is another feather on the cap. Ubisoft showcased the prelude of the game to give insight to the game. Actor Jon Berthal is the antagonist. It is expected to be released on October 4, for PC, PS 4, XBox One, UPlay+ and Google Stadia.
  • Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is created by Ubisoft Owlient. It facilitates you to prepare and deploy 5 character teams which you can take to the battlefield. It is for both and Android and ios. Pre registrations are open and those registering will get Ghost Recon Breakpoints Cole D. Walker character.
  • Uplay + : Another update was regarding this new subscription service. It gives access to 100 plus games including new and upcoming releases, premium editions and vast catalog of games by Ubisoft. Subscription price is $14.99/month. Launch is planned on september 3 and here’s the catch, those who will subscribe before August 15 will get free access from September 3 to September 30. Added advantage of Uplay + is that you can download the games on PC and opt out when you want to. It will also available on Stadia.
  • Just Dance 2020: It is a rhythm game series. This year it is turning 10. Ubisoft has added 40 new songs to celebrate the occasion. Few of the new added songs are:

1.         God is a Woman- Ariana Grande

2.         Skibidi- Little Big

3.         Con Cama – Daddy Yankee ft Snow

4.         High Hopes – Panic! At the Disco

5.         Kill This Love – BLACKPINK

6.         Sushi – Merk and Kremont

7.         Rain Over Me – Pitbull Ft Marc Anthony

  • Roller Champions: This a new game by Ubisoft Montreal. In this teams of three players compete and collect points and defeat the opponents. In this game and momentum and strategy are the ways to get victory. It will be launched in early 2020. Pre alpha demo is available on Uplay.
  • Rainbow Six Quarantine: It is a new multiplayer shooting game having its roots in Rainbow Six Siege. It will also require tactfulness and strategic plan. It will be available on PS4, XBox One, PC and UPlay+.
  • Apart from new launches Ubisoft has released the following updates:
  •  Assassin Creed Odyssey has been updated with a Story creator mode.
  • In cartoon network’s adventure time, Brawlhalla has introduced Finn the Human, Jake the Dog as playable characters.
  • Medieval Motor Mayhem is the updated season  2 of Trials Rising.
  • The Division 2 has three episodic updates as National Zoo, The Pentagon and Coney Island.

Square Enix Updates and Launch date

Now we will talk about the updates and launches of Square Enix.

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake – this game has been introduced with a hybrid battle system. It amalgamates real time actions with command-based combat. It will be released for Playstation 4 on March 3, 2020.
  • Life is Strange 2- it is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox and Steam.
  • Final fantasy crystal Chronicles remastered- This version was revealed on E3. it is available on Nintendo Switch, Playstation4, ios and Android.
  • Octopath Traveller: The good news is this game is now available on Steam. Eight unique characters are its adventure features. Each has a different story, strategic battle system,  and HD visuals system.
  • Marvel Avengers: Square Enix released the trailer of Marvel Avengers and it will be finally released on May 2020.
  • Final Fantasy VIII Remastered : This will be available on Nintendo switch, playstation 4 and Steam. Updated version has enhanced visuals which makes the gang look better.
  • Other updates included availability of ONINAKI , Outriders, Saga Scarlet grace Ambitions.

This was all about the few announcement and updates of E3. Stay tuned to our blog for more updates related to E3. If you want to know specifically about any game, mention in the comments below and get in touch with us.

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