Amazon introduces its new 14 smart devices.
Amazon introduces its new 14 smart devices.

Did you visit Seattle on 25th September 2019? I think you missed many important discussions if you were not a part of that event. Don’t worry if you were not there. In this article I am going to share its insights. Amazon hosted an event called “Amazon Hardware event” at its Headquarter in Seattle. We all know that whenever any event happens, something new and exceptional device gets ready to boom the market. This event was meant for everyone whether he/she is an entrepreneur or some expert technology advisor.

Amazon shared some important details regarding those entrepreneurs who use and run devices for their business to earn money. One of the important things in the event was Amazon’s launch of 14 new hardware devices. Amazon also seems to offer a dozen features for its virtual assistant called Alexa (brand of smart speakers). Let me share some more details in brief and statement made by senior advisor who was a part of the event. So, keep your eyeballs here only if you are interested to know something about Amazon.

What Amazon launched and upgraded for you? 

Amazon mostly discussed the devices at the event for its users who were expecting something special to be presented by Amazon. Finally, Amazon has done something for you

  1. It upgraded its existing line of Echo Dot smart speakers. Now it will show you the time and temperature. You can also set timer in it.
  2. They also introduced Amazon Echo with latest feature, amazing fabric design and improved sound quality.
  3. Amazon introduces Echo Loop with amazing features. It has two mics and a button for activation. This allows you to send messages too. It is a smart ring that gets Alexa to the users’ fingertips.
  4. Echo Earbuds” another wearable device presented by Amazon. This is best for those who wants to use Alexa even when they are out.
  5. They also launched pet tracker, with the name of “Ring Fetch”. It will help you to track your pet. It will come next year in the market..
  6. Now, the second important feature Amazon introduced with us is “dozen Alexa skill” and some rare features that make Amazon virtual assistant more creative and smarter one. This is basically to increase the ease of use and also you get more private control in this platform.
  7. Your home can’t be a smart home without strong internet network. So that Amazon introduced smarter device named “All-New Eero”. All-New Eero is basically a router. With the help of this gadget you have power to ask Alexa to pause WI-FI going on a particular device.  Its price is $99.
  8. Next is Echo Frames and this is for those who are looking for smart wearable glasses. It has 4 microphones to access hand free Alexa. Try this new wearable at cost $179.99.
  9. This might be interesting for you all so here we present Echo studio which support 3D audio and Dolby Atmos. It has speakers in different directions. And price will be $199.99.
  10. Not only for elders, Amazon introduces Echo Glow for kids to make fun. Basically it is a night lamp with different flash lights. Which is a touch sensitive useful to change colors. You can purchase it at $29.99.
  11. One more device for smart homes and its name is Echo Flex. It is a plug without cables including a mic and a small speaker. This input device you can operate in any room where you need control over where you are. Cost is just $24.99.
  12. Next one is important for security so Amazon introduced Ring Alarm Kit Retrofit which present an alarm in simple way for every homeowner to use this for taking advantage of wiring and sensor that is already installed in it.
  13. For your in-house safety Amazon presented Ring Stick up cam which is wired and battery operated. It will also get charged with sunlight. For this you have to pay $99.99.
  14. Last but not the least and it is Amazon Smart Oven. You can operate this Microwave after connecting with your echo devices via Bluetooth. It has a ask Alexa button so you can cook by asking to Alexa. For this you need to pay $249.99.

What Senior Vice President of Devices said? Let me share.

Senior Vice President of Devices, Dave Limp made a huge announcement at the event and said “Privacy cannot be an afterthought when it comes to the devices and services we offer our customers. It has to be foundational and built-in from the beginning for every piece of hardware, software and services that we create.” 

We also got to know that Amazon wants to do something more for its users and soon they are looking to provide some other feature in Alexa.

Experts said that users will be able to say “Alexa, why did you do that?” and after that, she would provide a private explanation to the users about her response. Basically, Alexa is a versatile digital assistance that answers questions and performs all sorts of tasks. It is like Apple’s SIRI. 


Thanks to Amazon once again for not only launching an event but also presenting such smart devices which we never imagined. Such devices will work smartly. We are sure that you will get the best user experience for every device you introduced by us. Even these advanced features are worth to operate now. In this article, I tried to highlight maximum devices with new features.

Amazon also said that it will launch some more features in a surprise event by next year. Now, congratulate Amazon for doing this amazing job and introducing us such exceptional devices and features.

Hope you liked it. Get in touch with us for more updates. Till then keep reading, keep sharing