After January 2020, only Android 10 will run
After January 2020, only Android 10 will run

Congratulations to Google again for getting good reviews about the newly operating system Android10. It has been launched in September 2019 and now Google is planning to run this operating system in every android phone after January 2020. Users like this feature and new concept which Google presented in Android10 as we already explained you feature in our previous blog. Some new smartphones like One Plus7T already came with Android10 operating system. Now the current situation is Google wants that new mobile phones which will come in the market should already have Android10 in the device. This article is especially for all smartphone producers, so pay attention folks.

Now Android 10 is ready to rule the market

In fact, Google also reveals the date which is 31st January 2020, after this, you should know Andorid10 should already have in your device. Now if you want to run your device with the older version like Android 9.0 Pie then it can be risky for you because Google said they will not approve it. 

This is big news for all mobile makers that those who are looking to launch their smartphone with the older version then do it before 31st January next year. Reason is Google will not approve your smartphone because you need to introduce your device with a new version which is Android10. This is said by Google Mobile Service as it is mandatory for every mobile maker to ship your mobile with the latest version only.

Do you think that those who are working on their smartphones and looking to launch it after 31st January next year suffer from any loss? It might be possible because making a mobile is not just a simple process. Those who already planned to launch some phones in coming months then they might face some trouble.

Google also shared, what to do in this situation 

This is good as Google shared the whole detail what to do and what not to do. Let me share what they said about it. If you want to run your device with Android9.0 Pie then forget Google will not approve it. You don’t need to run your device with this old version so keep your device updated with Android10 as soon as possible. You can make phones and run with Android9.0 Pie but you need to seek approval of Google Mobile Service before January 31 deadline.

Let me share what Google will approve more, read it carefully as it is the gist of this blog. We read out the report of Google where they highlighted that the Company is ready to approve software updates based on Andorid9.0 Pie till Google launch Android11. Even Google also shares that Android11 will be launch next year in the month of August but the date is still in suspense. So, this is to note down that those who look to offer Android9.0 Pie then Google approval will be based on security updates before the launch of Android11. 

Apart from Android 10 Google has taken some more initiatives. 

Not only Android 10 is mandatory in every smartphones, Google announces in an event on 3rd September about some more new things which must be available in every android 9.0Pie and Android 10. Here I am talking about the wellness app and parental controls. With the help of this app you can monitor your activity like how much time you spend in an app, from how long you are using your phone, number of notifications etc. With the help of timer you can control your phone usage timing. You can see all activity on a dashboard. It must be implemented in every device. 

Note it down- it is mandatory for every Android smartphone manufacturer to pre-install Digital Wellbeing app and there must have built-in parental control. Google has taken this initiative to minimize the usage timing of phones and social media.

Wrapping up

This sudden and important change is compulsory to follow for all smartphone manufacturers. Just few months are left and we can operate Android smartphones with already installed Android10 version. Google did a good job, we can say as such new version has good security updates and free from bugs. And yes users can get new unique features while operating Android10.

Now you don’t need to ask the manufacturer for these new updates. We will share some more updates when Google will highlights any new news regarding this change. Till then get in touch with us. Keep reading and keep sharing.