Updates of YouTube
update of YouTube

YouTube is a video streaming service based in US. It was developed by Chad Hurley, Stewen Chen and Jawed Karim in 2005. All three were paypal employees. In 2006, Google LLC purchased YouTube, since then Google is the parent company of YouTube. YouTube has 4 verticals, namely:

  • YouTube Tv
  • YouTube music
  • YouTube kids
  • Creator Academy
  • YouTube for artists

It is the most famous app among all. There is no doubt that people of every age group is using YouTube according to their own interest. Most interesting thing is that you can find every type of content to watch over there. You can watch comedy shows, hacks, recipe, DIY, how to play games, Art and craft etc.  Not only to watch such things you also can earn plenty of money using YouTube App. To retain the interest and to add more users YouTube has done some updates. In this article I will discuss about those updates. Read the whole content to know about it.

Recent updates of YouTube

Google has announced few updates for YouTube. These updates are from multiple fields, which are as follows:

Updates related to safety of minors on YouTub

The App YouTube is concerned about protecting minors from frivolous. It has taken the following actions to protect minors:

  1. Disabling comments on videos of minors: YouTube disabled the comments which according to them were of predatory behavior. It has also planned, in future, to suspend comments on the videos in which minors are featuring. Very few channels will have comments enabled, after appropriately moderating the comments that do not have predatory behavior.
  2. They are planning to launch a new comment classifier which will identify and remove predatory contents.
  3. Action against creators causing harm to the community: YouTube will also take actions against creators. Those creators will create content which is harmful and dangerous to children in any way.

YouTube premium and YouTube music

In March 2019, Google announced the launch of YouTube Premium, YouTube music and YouTube music premium in India.

In YouTube music users can find movie songs, albums, live performances, etc. People can use ad supported version of YouTube music for free. While YouTube Music premium is a paid service. Here you can play any music video in the background while using other apps along with offline download. For this you need to take membership. Its membership cost is Rs. 99/month. YouTube music has recommendations feature which will suggest songs based on the ones you have played earlier. It has thousands of playlist in every genre. YouTube smart search enabled i.e. if you know few words of a song or don’t know the title of song, on the basis of what you remember, it will find the correct song.

YouTube has also introduced YouTube premium membership. In this you can watch YouTube originals and all other things which you still access on YouTube. It is ad free and you have to pay for this only Rs. 129/month.

Update for fake news

To fight with fake news YouTube has launched information panels. This will display the news source. It also disclose whether the news is government funded or not. Google has said it will mark fake news as inappropriate and offer authentic insights on its platform. This additional panel will be in Hindi and English both languages.

Google has also announced to invest 25 million$ to curb fake news as a part of its USD 300 million investment in news initiative.

It was all about YouTube 2019 latest updates. Stay tuned to our blog or get in touch with us to know about more updates.