What are the apps for fitness? Is it helpful?

Your day starts with your busy schedules in the office every day and there is hardly one or two days that you look and care for your health. Do you think that only one two days are enough for you to stay physically strong for life? Obviously not, with your work you have to focus on your health too so that you can work properly and always feel fit and fine. Nowadays new technologies have totally changed people as they keep them busy in that and learn something new from the mobile applications in the smartphone. How is it easy for you if you get the best training about health and fitness at home? You don’t have to go outside the house to join the club or gym for the fitness as there are many such mobile applications in the play store which is available and ready to guide you in such a way that it gives you proper easy in every work and you feel relaxed. There is no doubt that health and fitness mobile application gives you benefit as they are very helpful and you can use them anytime you want so let’s find out what are the most important mobile apps for the fitness.

Google now

Let’s start the types of mobile application and the first one is Google now. You always go to the office by foot and return home alone as it’s a walking distance from your house whereas just you climbing the stairs and return back from the stairs rather than using elevators. Here it means Google now app released fitness tracking feature and it will count your step or miles that how many steps you have taken in one day so go for it and use this mobile app. It is available in both Android and IOS operating system.


You don’t have to worry about your weight gain now as this mobile app will definitely help you with this. The MyfitnessPal app is a calorie counter and ready to count the food you intake per day so that helps you make the diet plan according to that  you always feel physically fit. Well, in short, this application will help you at what area you have to reduce or increase food intake.


One of the most important things for the runner is to run in a good way whereas sometimes the runner doesn’t know how much he runs, how much distance he covered or how fast he runs. So here the Runkeeper app is ready to help every runner by utilizing your smartphone GPS to collect information regarding this matter so that you get to know clearly.

Pocket Yoga

As we said above that it’s very difficult for people to take out some time for their self and look for their health and fitness. Here, people have less time to see where the yoga classes are going and if someone has an issue of money then the mobile application is ready to solve their problem. Pocket Yoga mobile app in the smartphone can be used by anyone and it provides a complete method to you just have to sit at home and install this application and get started on a new yoga program.

Instant Heart rate

If you are looking for the heart rate check then this is the best mobile application where you can easily exercise and it will keep track your heart rate easily. If you check the pulse rate throughout an exercise can pain you and also physical exercise watches with build/ heart rate can be costly for every user so go for this app and take wonderful experience.


Many of the users are looking for the relaxation in this busy life and they are not finding any kind of peace properly so here this application in your smartphone will help you. The calm app is the perfect one for the meditation which gives you proper ease and also it is especially for the beginners who can start their routine of “7 days or calm” series which give them perfect guidance. With the help of this app, you can reduce the anxiety.


It simply clears that Sworkit means simply to work as the use of this mobile application is it offers exercise video demonstrated and you will be trained by the professional trainers here. More than 200 exercises are there and this application is especially for the kids who get perfect guidance from the trainers so this mobile app wants every user to try to make their life easier and healthy.

So, there is a lot of mobile application which is available in the play store about the fitness but these are few important ones which is ready to provide you all kind of guidance and give you special training so that you always feel physically strong in every situation.


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